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  3. kankar tv drama pic      Kankar dram a serial which is about the serial of the story and there is the passion in the life that how much the importance that what a value and the essential things in the life but some times a gap may be create in the life when this type of the condition then a person which the way he can use .kanikar mean stone so this is the nice drama serial which is the story of the travel from the happy life to the sad life that how a life may be change and there may be very hurdles and the difficult conditions.we can not probable by see the anybody that he is happy or not because the inner of him may be sad or happy but if this world get the perception right then the world not provide justice .so by these things a person may be sad ..we are not against of the sadness but when a person live happy with out harming the others then he is the real man because he have the power but he not give any harm or trouble to anybody .so here watch this tv drama kankar on the hum tv by the dramasfun.com so this is the nice place and you have the confidence on us and we can hope that in the future you will remain and do not change your mind according to us ..but we are going to tell you that some problems and the difficulties we have face but we are expecting to you will pray for us and memorize in your memories .because we are here for you that we may provide the good entertainment and fun by our sites like watchindiandramas.com ,www.toptenseriels.com and one study site where you can get the knowledge and the latest news of these days studentgala.com so we can hope by you that if you like us then use the comments in site of the facebook page watchindiandramas.com..our purpose is that we may be able according to you.